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  • 😔😔 she was hilarious https://t.co/jaX3h2U9oo
  • I have tired.
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  • Learly. https://t.co/YbzUrsvlcj
  • @radseed lol nope I didn't get snatched up lol
  • <--- weirdo.
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  • IG is down I'm presuming... Cuz I paid my damn phone bill!
  • These Beyoncé fans don't know when to stop!! https://t.co/nf330GZgtW
  • @nyknicks why yall always do this?
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  • When is @Drake & @Beyonce gonna drop this damn "Can I" song so my phone gonna be like... http://t.co/Btv9L9p7SF
  • RT @iadorewomen_: Beyoncé pouring my college tuition fees into a hot tub http://t.co/iknzJSHPOH